Suggestions for ‘Call for Papers’

In mid-October 2013, we will post an official Call for Papers for the 2014 White Rose Conference. The broadly-defined topic centers on the idea of humanity as the basis for resistance and informed dissent.

Ideas we have generated to date, with all suggestions applicable to the Holocaust and to contemporary war:

  1. The artist (musician, actor, sculptor, poet, painter) and war.
  2. The juxtaposition of the “home front” and battlefield.
  3. Soldiers who witnessed war firsthand, and returned home to protest that same war.
  4. Collections of letters and diaries from war-time penpals, especially comparisons of correspondence on both sides of a particular war.
  5. The effect of war on the family unit.
  6. Women on the battlefield.
  7. The private musings of diplomats who worked to prevent war, and the (human) basis for their considerations.
  8. The impact that informed dissent and civil disobedience had on the outcome of a war or on a government’s course of action (positive and negative).

We will be looking for papers that will be published and distributed at the conference (tentatively scheduled for June 2014). Presenters will not read their papers; rather, presenters will lead panel discussions with extensive Q&A on their chosen topic.

Essays and articles accepted in all languages, with first preference given to English, German, and Russian.

To vote for your top three picks, please take our poll!

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