Posting in other languages

Please feel free to post in your mother tongue! This blog is meant to be a multi-language resource that encourages energetic involvement from around the world.

To ensure that everyone understands exactly what you mean to say, write in your native language. We’re also posting translation resources, especially tools like Google Translate that will give you a decent understanding of text in a language other than your own. Use them, but if you have a working knowledge of e.g. German or Russian, or English if you are German or Russian, give it the old college try!

All of us – no matter whether we are Americans, Belgians, British, Canadians, Egyptians, French, Germans, Israelis, Mexicans, Portuguese, Russians, Spanish, Venezuelans, or any other nationality on the face of the earth – all of us have a vested interest in comprehending the HUMAN FACE OF WAR, and why some people go to such great lengths to prevent wars from happening.

We will be talking about this for the next eighteen months – through December 2014 – so please join the conversation!

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